aBG's business model is geared for us in every way, the intersection of offline and online support is of significant benefit in the research and procurement process. With many of our team preferring to do their own online research, there are still some offline (traditional) buyers and many who are a mixture of both. Their team works hard to be a leader in this hybrid ecommerce space, while ensure their supply-side partners provide the best products at the best price, to include the best service too.

  • Director, New York Angels

My boss picked up some tumblers on a Friday, for an internal Monday morning meeting, and asked me if we could get them branded - yep, he did. It was one-call to aBG and it happened, they got it done. I'm still speechless about how they accomplished this. Needless to say they continue to be rewarded by myself, my boss and many other buyers in our organization.

  • Vice President, Sales, Hiperwall

In challenging aBG to match the price with LED keychain flashlights we found on Amazon, they did and then some AND we got the logo placement and our tag line exactly where we wanted it.

  • Principal, Proactechs

We were looking for a new marketing partner and aBG responded and was vetted, thankfully. Having them onboard has been 'game changing' in every way.

  • Manager, Events Marketing, Experian

We've had bad experiences with our distributors and then we met aBG, everyone up / down within the organizations always responds to us in a world-class way.

  • Manager, Creative Services, CBS
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