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Embrace Living Coral in Summer Marketing

Summer is the perfect time to incorporate the 2019 Color of the Year - Living Coral - into your marketing campaigns!

Even brands with restrictive guidelines have found ways to subtly incorporate Living Coral into their premium and promotional products campaigns.

Original Article from Ins’Tent

Embracing Color to Make Meaningful Impressions

Every year the” global authority of color,” Pantone, selects a color to represent the coming year. This impacts everything from clothing to furniture and even the promotional industry!

Living Coral is a few shades louder than pink, but softer than red. It is a rich shade that resembles the warm shadows of the sunset at the beach, which interestingly inspired its name. Living Coral represents a “playful expression” and the “innate need for optimism” that will uplift people in a positive way.

Color Matters

Humans are visual creatures and we depend on color more than we think we do. Think of how you react to the colors, blue and green. Do you feel excited and alarmed, or are you calmer and more peaceful? Color is known to have a powerful psychological impact that significantly influences our behaviors and actions. If used correctly, color can be super effective and should be something that you should consider when advertising or building your brand’s image.

Use Living Coral

So how can you utilize Living Coral for your brand? If you’re looking to attend an event, we can help you optimize your custom tent’s design and visibility by incorporating Living Coral. This will not only help you stand out, but it will help create a fresh new modern look for your booth that is optimistic.

Additionally, if you are looking to revamp your brand’s aesthetics, our professional in-house designers are here for you. They can assist you every step of the way from re-creating a low-resolution logo to a tent design mock up. We will carefully blend “Living Coral” into your promotional displays to animate the happy and positive image of your brand!

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